Why your accounting is not working

04 Sep 2022 05:17 PM Comment(s) By CM

Here’s the problem why your accounting doesn’t work. Most CEOs are running as fast as they can in one direction and the accountant is scrambling behind them trying to pick up the pieces. It’s a nightmare for the CEO who has no idea of where he or she stands financially.

Most CEOs have given up on their accounting departments. No proper systems in place to keep track of the finances and provide reports that will support their decision-making process. In their minds, the accountant is someone who pushes paperwork and receipts into a system and tries to come up with reports that are 30 to 60 days late. Most businesses have an accountant because they know they should, not because they’re getting something valuable out of the relationship.

This gap between the CEO and the accountant is what Finlanza is targeting to fill. In order to make a business profitable, bookkeeping, accounting, and advisory have to work together. We want the businesses we work with to feel that their finance functions are under control so they can focus on what matters most, their business. Finlanza takes care of the finance tasks so you can save your time going over numbers and making important decisions.

Efficient, repeatable accounting processes, plus people and technology, equals enlightened clients. We’ll help you modernize your bookkeeping & accounting systems to get consistent and accurate reports. And we’ll show you how to use those reports to make smarter decisions for your organization. 

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